A big THANK-YOU to all composers, musicians, our great team, all sponsors and helpful hands who made klub katarakt 14 possible.
Special thanks to Ju-Ping Song, this year’s artist in residence, who contributed 10 pieces in total to the festival, and to Phill Niblock, who honoured us with his presence and a world premiere.
We also want to thank Frank Bretschneider, Maximilian Marcoll and AAA—-AAA (Thilo Ruck & Timm Roller), Partitions & Resonances (Catherine Lamb, Johnny Chang, Hannes Lingens, Mike Majkowski, Morten J Olsen, Derek Shirley) and all participants of this year’s opening and Long Night.

Here are two recordings of Ju-Ping Song’s concert:
Lois V Vierk: Spin 2
Rahilia Hasanova: Monad

And here a selection of impressions by our photographer Jann Wilken