Online Edition
May 27th, 2021
Kampnagel, Hamburg

We thank the artists who made klubkatarakt possible this year: Astrid Schmeling, Frauke Aulbert, Michael Schröder, Ulf Mummert, Stefan Kohmann, John Eckhardt and Stefan Troschka from the ensemble L’ART POUR L’ART, Nika Son and René Huthwelker & Carl-John Hoffmann.
Also a big thank-you to Kampnagel, Amelie Deuflhard, Moritz Meyer and the whole great technical team!

We hope to see you again in person in 2022.

Here are some impressions from our photographer Jann Wilken:

Online Edition

The festival programme for 2021 had already been conceived with the Corona pandemic and the accompanying restrictions in mind. The ongoing lockdown necessitated a repeated postponement of the festival – and now a shortening of the program to a single performance day. Although we regret that Klaus Lang, Trio Amos, Lucrecia Dalt, Andrea Neumann, Decoder Ensemble and many others will not participate, we are happy to be able to create and present at least one day of klubkatarakt with three concerts.

Matthias Kaul in memoriam
Ensemble L'art pour l'art & Frauke Aulbert

The centerpiece of the evening is a memorial concert for Matthias Kaul. The percussionist and composer passed away on July 1, 2020. klubkatarakt presented Kaul in the 2014 edition as a guest composer with his music theater piece Relax. In past editions, he often appeared as a performer and was also collegially linked to the festival, among other things by lending instruments.

To commemorate this notable musician and exceptional human being, klubkatarakt dedicates a portrait concert, conceived by flutist Astrid Schmeling. The program includes five very different compositions by Kaul, ranging from solo to ensemble pieces. Performers are the musicians of the ensemble L’art pour l’art, which was co-founded by Kaul himself, and the vocal artist and singer Frauke Aulbert.

Nika Son

Nika Breithaupt aka Nika Son from Hamburg is a freelance musician, artist, DJ, curator and film sound designer. In Nika Son’s work, sounds and noises of different origins are translated into an unusual musical language, as if watching the audible. She elaborates her compositions from modified and fragmented field recordings, interwoven with analog synth surfaces, broken rhythms, scattered vocal scraps and filtered tapeloops.
For klubkatarakt she will perform fragments from her first solo album To Eeyore (2020) mixed with new material. Next to her live-set she will show a video work especially created for this performance.

Huthwelker & Hoffmann

René Huthwelker and Carl-John Hoffmann will perform an audiovisual concert. In his solo performances, Huthwelker uses analog-synthetic feedback loops to create a form of repetitive minimalism, which gradually consolidates itself into pulsating structures. Video artist Hoffmann adds another aesthetic dimension to Huthwelker’s sound layer through his live visuals. Both artists are members in the polymedial artist collective Niedervolthoudini from Hamburg.

International Festival for Experimental Music
Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg

Thursday,May 27th

19:30 Matthias Kaul in memoriam
  with L’art pour l’art & Frauke Aulbert
21:00 Nika Son
22:00 Huthwelker & Hoffmann