We would like to thank all the composers, musicians, our team, all the supporters and helpers who have made klubkatarakt18 possible.

Special thanks go to Quatuor Bozzini, our ensemble in residence from Montréal. Not only did the quartet organise a workshop with Hamburg musicians in the run-up to the festival to work on the composition Hands & Others by Christian Wolff, but they were also involved in a total of four concerts with ten compositions. C’était un grand plaisir!

We were also very pleased about the visits of the Berlin based ensembles Böseblick and The Paranormal Clarinet Society.

Here is a photo selection by our photographer Jann Wilken:

klub katarakt 2023

Line-up 2023:


Quatuor Bozzini (Ensemble in Residence), Böseblick, The Paranormal Clarinet Society, Dog Trio, Nelly Boyd, Micro Oper München, Réplica, Seth Josel, Marcia Lemke-Kern, René Huthwelker, Gregory Büttner, Nicola Kruse, Hye-Eun Kim, Daria Karmina Iossifova, Felix Mayer, Ernst Bechert, Georgia Hoppe, Nika Son & Helena Wittmann, Gisbert Watty, Boyds Elektro Gitarren Orchester

Music / Compositions / Improvisations

Felipe Araya, John Cage, Sarah Davachi, Sam Dunscombe, Robert Engelbrecht, Alessandra Eramo, Korhan Erel, Kai Fagaschinski, Hye-Eun Kim, Emilie LeBel, Nicole Lizée, Niels Lyhne Løkkegard, Michelle Lou, James O’Callaghan, Ariel Orah, Helga Arias Parra, Éliane Radigue, Kirsten Reese, Fausto Romitelli, Matt Schumaker, Nika Son, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Tanya Tagaq, James Tenney, Birgit Ulher, Christian Wolff, Dong Zhou

Films / Visuals / Installations

Christina Engelbrecht, Anton Kaun, Felix Mayer, Matthias Meyer, Ben Samuels, Alexandre Larose, Helena Wittmann