A big THANK-YOU to all composers, musicians, our great team, all sponsors and helpful hands who made klubkatarakt possible.

We’d also like to specially mention all our guests this year who came sometimes long ways to play here in Hamburg:
d’incise, Cyril Bondi and all the musicians of the Insub Meta Orchestra, Alexander Schubert, Mohna, Ensemble Nikel (Brian Archinal, Yaron Deutsch, Antoine Françoise, Patrick Stadler), The Magic I.D. (Kai Fagaschinski, Margareth Kammerer, Christof Kurzmann, Michael Thieke), Microtub (Robin Hayward, Peder Simonsen, Martin Taxt), Tritop (Liz Allbee, Sabine Ercklentz, Birgit Ulher) and all participants of this year’s Long Night.

Two short video excerpts from the concert with Alexander Schubert’s Supramodal Parser @ klub katarakt can be found on Youtube now:
Supramodal Parser [Dark Eyes]
Supramodal Parser [Rolling Shutter]

And here a selection of impressions by our photographer Jann Wilken

And here some additional fotos by Gerhard Kühne from rehearsals and the concert of Alexander Schubert’s Supramodal Parser with Mohna and Ensemble Nikel: